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How do I find a job when no one seems to be hiring?

Our “Join Our Talent Network” feature allows you to get your foot in the door at companies you’re interested in working for – even when they aren’t hiring for a position that matches your skills.

By selecting the “Join Our Talent Network” button on an employer’s company profile, you can send a message and a desired job title to the employer.

The employer will receive a notification that you are interested in a future position with their company and may choose to save your iHire candidate profile. If the employer saves your candidate information, you will receive an email notification and that company will be added to a list in your Job Tracker. There, you’ll be able to see any open positions with that employer and easily navigate to their company profile.

Even if you don’t hear from that company for some time, showing interest in an organization as a potential employer and being proactive in your job search will give you a head start in pursuing the next step in your career.  

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