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"iHireChemists brought visibility to jobs I may not have seen otherwise."

Kim B.

Providence, RI
"I just landed a great job doing QC in an industrial lab thanks to an email alert from iHire."


Grapevine, TX
"I am pleased with this site because it gives me the hints about the type and suitable locations of the jobs where I can apply and have the chance of getting a job. Free Cover Letter Faxing Service is really a great useful service to those who cannot contact the employers easily."

Ashwin V.

Malba, NY
"Found my current, and by far the best job yet."

Steven S.

Pompano Beach, FL
"I got one of the jobs I applied for via the website. Very happy with the service and recommendations from iHireChemists."

Anne S.

Indianapolis, IN
"I am thankful because this website shared insightful tips on navigating and strengthening one's courage to express the passion and skill set a chemist has and to translate it into a career path. Thanks iHireChemists! "

Jasmine B.

Newport News, VA
" It worked! Thank you iHireChemists!!! iHireChemists helped me identify skills I possess that make me a more competitive candidate, saved me time and effort during my job search, and I got an interview after applying to a job on iHireChemists"

Dylan P.

Oklahoma City, OK
"I found a job almost immediately after joining"


Tempe, AZ
"I was very happy with the resume I purchased through iHire, especially the followup and subsequent revisions. "

Brett B.

Salt Lake City, UT
"iHire is a great side and rapidly growing company. They help people with giving them quick assignment or placement in this market."

Kishor L.

Iselin, NJ
" is easy to use and the search engine is second to none. There is no other site I know that brings me more relevant job posts. Of course, I still need to weed through a lot of garbage, but the "discard" button quickly and easily lets me discard garbage and get the search down to the few golden nuggets. is how I found my last two jobs, and there is no way I could have done it without this site."

Spencer L.

Davis, CA
"Being able to easily build a resume tailored to the position was very helpful."

Marc C.

Wesley Chapel, FL
"Thank you so much, this is perfect! You went above and beyond my expectations. "

Ashley C. - Quality Control Supervisor

Louisville, KY
"It's a great website to see what companies are out there for chemists that might not be on other job generators."

Olivia W.

Bradfordwoods, PA
"Best internet placement site in quite a while. Mini interview and resume application supply employer with phone screen information without the usual telephone tag delay to pursue interested candidates. "

Ann H.

West Roxbury, MA
"iHireChemists found the most jobs that were relevant to my experience."


Bolton, MA
"The best web page with excellent service. Thank you for giving me the chance to be part of the and providing me with open job opportunities as well as nationwide exposure of my resume. I would not have found if it was not for you. Once again, thank you."

Jonas H.

"I found a job using this website. I applied to over 300 jobs in other websites and didn't receive an interview. After I had found out this site provides a job specifically for my college major; I decided to use it. Later, I had two interviews and got the offer from both. The funny thing is, I just applied for 13 jobs on this website when this happened. Thank you iHireChemists, I will start my new job next week, thanks to you!!! "

Jonathan F.

Canaan, CT