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How do I brand my job postings?

Strong employer branding helps to attract quality applicants. We encourage you to include information about your company culture whenever possible and show what it’s like to work for your company with a video. Even a logo will help to call out your ad and promote your brand among job seekers in the industry.

To add branding information for your company, click on “Organizations” in the left hand menu of your dashboard. Select "Manage Company Profile" or "Create Company Profile."

You will see 4 sections:

Details (company name and address)




After you enter this information in the step-by-step builder, select "Finish." You'll see a preview of your company profile, which you can edit or update by selecting the "Edit" button in the top left corner. After selecting "edit," you may update each section accordingly, including adding company photos, a video, workplace excellence awards, and employee testimonials.

Note, your branding elements will appear with your job description unless you set the posting to “Confidential.” You can also set your company profile to "private" by selecting "change" in the top right corner of your profile. Private profiles are only visible to you and your team.


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