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Can I pause my job posting?

Yes! If you are close to filling your position and do not want to attract additional applicants – or if you do not want to close your job in case your new hire falls through – you can pause your job. Note that only Job Slot postings may be paused.

To pause a job, visit your “Jobs” page on your iHire account. There, you may click into any job to pause it or un-pause it using the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the screen next to “Status.” You will see a “paused” indicator badge next in the “Refreshed” column for any jobs that have been paused.

Once your job is paused, it will not appear in search results and job seeker email alerts, will not be promoted on partner sites, and will not be listed on your company profile (if you have one).

To un-pause your job, go click into the job on your “Jobs” page and set the status in the dropdown menu to “Open.” Or, you may close the job.

Paused jobs still occupy a Job Slot and the job must be closed in order to post another job in its place. If you have multiple users sharing your account, only team members who can edit the job may pause, un-pause, or close it.

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