Thank You Letter Template & Guidelines

Stand out after the interview for the right reasons by effectively communicating your gratitude. Use this template for crafting the perfect thank you letter.

Tips for preparing a thank you letter after interviews

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Congratulations on your recent interview! Now it’s time to send a thank you letter to each person who was in your interview. This will demonstrate your gratitude as well as keep your name in the minds of hiring managers as decisions are being made.

There are several ways you can thank an employer - you can send an email, call, write a handwritten note, or even reach out on LinkedIn. For most of your interviews, an emailed thank you note will be appropriate, but use your best judgment.


Focal Points

As you craft your letter, make sure you focus on the following key elements:

  • Courtesy & Interest: Today’s employers are pressed for time, so you want to thank them for speaking with you. If you are still interested in the position, clearly state that you are! Express why you are excited about the opportunity so the employer knows what stands out to you about the company and the position.
  • Connection: Tailor your letter to the company, and make sure to connect with the employer. You can do this by mentioning the goals of the company or the position and what you can do to help achieve those goals.
  • Clarification: Didn’t interview well or failed to mention something important? Use this opportunity to redeem yourself. Reiterate your experience and what you bring to the table to make a difference in the position.
  • Summarization: Briefly mention what you talked about in the interview to reinforce your top selling points.


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Ready to begin? Follow these step-by-step instructions and check out our template (link to download above):

  1. First Paragraph: Use the first paragraph to thank the interviewer(s) for taking the time to meet with you. Mention your interest in the job and how enthusiastic you are about the open position.
  2. Second Paragraph: Include the reasons why you are an excellent fit for the job with a list of specific, relevant skills. The more detailed you are, the more the interviewer will know how your qualifications match the position, but make sure to write concisely.
  3. Third Paragraph: The third paragraph (optional) can be used to mention anything you'd like the employer to know that you didn't bring up in your interview. This gives you another chance to make a good impression, especially if you remembered something you should have said.
  4. Closing Paragraph: Reiterate your appreciation for being considered for the job, and let the interviewer know you are looking forward to hearing from him or her soon. Include your contact information and a final “thank you for your time and consideration.”
By Natalie Winzer, iHire | February 01, 2014
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